The following ex-boys e-mail addresses have currently changed/expired, and e-mails sent to them, have 'bounced' back.  If your name appears  below, please send me your new e-mail address, so that I can keep the list of ex apprentices contact details, up to date.

(These names will be constantly changing as I lose touch with others. Please visit this page often, and check that your name hasn't been added).
Thanks:  Membership Secretary
Bob Barclay 51A
Harry Beresford 54A
Doug Britton 55A
Dave Bench 53B
Ray Barlow 51A
Bob Bone 53B
Chris Brice 54A
Ron Brotherhood 43A
Alec Beach 53B
Brian Cattle 56B
Stan Cutter 51B
Steve Cochran 57A
Anthony Davies 54A
Tom Davitt 54A
Malcolm Dooley 51A
Brian Elkins 51A
Graham Ellis 67C
Steve Ewing 63C
Ivor Evans 52B
Alan Floyd 53B
Rod Fry 50B
James Freeman 45B
Norman Foster 57B
Dave Fillbrook 51B
Bruce Greaves 54A
Alan Hayward 58B
Frank Hall 71A/B
John Hannon 62B
Peter Hayward 65C
Foyle Hodges 57B
Mick Heath 64C
Brian Jackson 52A
Carl Jenkinson 51A
Mike Kaufman 54A
Arthur King 48A
Tom Lord 54A
Magnus Lanarch 74C
Graham Letties 66C
Steve Mawer 67B
Pete Marchant 54B
Ray Marritt 59C
John Morton 68C

John Myles 56A
Arthur Manston 51B
Steve Nugent 73B
John Powell 51B
Peter Phillips 50A
Lee Robinson 49A
Chris Robertson 53B
John Symes 47A
Trevor Shephard 60B
Bob Sutherland 51B
Roger Smith 60C
Ted Slater 51A
Alan Turner 50A
Mick Thompson 74C
Dave Timperley 62B
Pete Wallis 50B
Graham Williams 42A
Len Wilby 42A

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