.In the last couple of years we have lost touch with quite a few members.  This is mainly due to moving house.  If you are one of the names printed below, or indeed you are someone who is still in contact with any of the ex Boys mentioned, please ask them to get in contact with me again by using the e-mail link on this page.

Derek Fox - Membership Secretary
394  Ernie Moore 43A  D Coy
371  Mike Murray 68B
149  Fred Nock 39 Gp  C Coy
429  Laurie Patton 45B  D & B Coy
167  L.K. Pay 42B
489  Maj John Rolf  Staff
???  John Sadler 49B  C Coy
473  SSgt Rusty Steppens 78C
807  C.Tatham 51A  C Coy
472  Nick Trood 71C
224  Bill Wheeler  39 Gp  C Coy
266  Bill Williams 45B
574  Terry Williams 53B
713  Ean Wood 50A  A Coy
834  Bob Sutherland 51B  D & A Coy
846  Mr A G Smith  45 Gp  C Coy
933  Mr D J Collier  45B  C Coy
599  Mr A J Spink  45C  C Coy
406  Mr J W Winchester  42 Gp  A Coy

832  Mr S Roberts  76B  C Coy
716  Mr L M Porter  50A  B Coy
583  Mr Ted Robertson 46B  A Coy
481  Mr Mick Reeve 60C  C Coy
912  Mr John Hannon 62B  A Coy

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764   John Bradley  67C  C Coy

824   Michael Brown 51A D Coy
385   Eric Bushell 48B
530   Bill Caffrey 46B D Coy
8 Gp Lt Col Charles Cresswell
629   Gus Culpin 57B D Coy
624   Mr M Druitt Staff
365   Keith Durose 77A
243   Eddy Edwards 44A  A Coy
632   Tony Fenn 43B  B Coy
902   Mike Fox 54B  B Coy
820   Mike Gibbs 51B  B Coy
179   Walter Greensmith 43A  A Coy
811   Russ Hayes 79B  B Coy
121   John Herdman 67B  B Coy
631   Patrick Jackson  34 Group
???   Leo Johnson 43B
416   Ray Johnson 60A
384   Phil Kitchen  Staff
515   John Maidment 47A
858   Steve Mawer 67B  A Coy
626   Mr George Dewer 46B  C Coy
1038 Mr John Cochran 57A  A Coy