Notable Dates in the history of Beachley
25th Sep 1923
Central Training School for boys set up at Aldershot.

28th Feb 1924
Moved to Beachley and name changed to Boy's Technical School.

May 1926
Old Robot Society formed.

Name changed to Army Technical School (Boys).

Sep 1931
A school flag adopted - a red, green and blue horizontal tricolour from which came the association tie and later the School tie.

May 1939
Beachley Old Boys' Association (BOBA) formed.

Sep 1946
First BOBA Reunion held.

1st Feb 1947
Name changed to Army Apprentices School (AAS) and a new badge adopted.

Sep 1966
Name changed to Army Apprentices College (AAC).

Apr 1994
"New BOBA" formed.

Jun 1994
Closure of College.

Sep 1994
First Reunion Weekend at the Old Course Hotel. (Now renamed 'The Chepstow Hotel'.)

Sep 1999
Celebration of 'Beachley - 75 Years'. - Message from H.M. The Queen.

Nov 1999
BOBA Veterans first London Cenotaph Parade. (Now an annual event.)

Sep 2011
Reunion Weekend held at Chepstow Racecourse.

Sep 2012
Reunion weekend held in the Senior Ranks Mess, Beachley Barracks and also at Chepstow Racecourse.
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