BOBA - a New Begining

When the MOD closed the Army Apprentices College at Beachley in 1994 BOBA were informed that the association would have to run without any physical or financial assistance from Beachley Camp or the MOD.  The choice was put bluntly, close the Association down or be self supporting.

BOBA members that attended the final AGM voted overwhelmingly to reform the  Association in the only way possible, and that was by introducing a small membership fee of £10 per annum to replace the financial support it used to receive from the MOD.  At the same AGM all previous "Life Memberships" which were bestowed upon the apprentices when they 'passed out' from Chepstow were declared void.  (In later years, during high interest rates, the annual fee was limited to the first 5 years making everyone who joined 'New BOBA' a ' Paid Up To Date Member' after paying five payments.  However it was always understood that subscription fees could be re-introduced should it become necessary.) This is now the case because income to the association has fallen in-line with the fall in interest rates, therefore a subscription of £10 per annum is levied on all members. 

'BOBA' was reborn. 

A committee was duly elected, with a remit to maintain BOBA in good shape both "physically and financially".  This has been achieved and BOBA remains an extremely well organised association with in excess of 800 names on its database. 

The BOBA elected executive committtee is 100% voluntary, with it's Headquarters in the Old School House at Beachley.

Now, many years after the MOD said that BOBA had to cease, we are proud to announce that the association is thriving and is looking forward to many years of success.
What has 'New - BOBA' achieved?
1. BOBA is now recognised as a well run organisation in it's own right, giving members the opportunity to meet up at the annual reunion  (Also some privately organised mini group reunions are held).

2. Kept a sound financial basis from subscription fees by prudent controlled accounting by the treasurer and committee members.

3. All potential members are now sent an up to date information pack which informs them of past and future events.

4. The issue annually of the Beachley Echoes newsletter.  (Initially edited by Dave Chapman (60A), until 2003, John Furley (56A), until 2007, Mac Obermair (58B), until 2011, and is now in the capable hands of Ken Reader (62C).

5. The right as an association to provide a contingent at the Remembrance Sunday parade at the Cenotaph.

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