A Short Update on the Beachley Camp of Today!
Beachley Camp or Beachley Barracks as it is now officially known is the  home to The 1st Bn The Rifles (1 Rifles) . They have now taken up permanent residency at Beachley.

Life in the camp today is most certainly a lot more comfortable than most 'Old Boys' would care to remember. The camp has been rebuilt twice in the last forty years. Once when it changed to an Army Apprentices College, in the 1960's, and again when extensively modified for an Infantry unit in 1994.

The only building that was left standing in the main camp in 2003 that Beachley Old Boys will remember was what most of us will recall as 'The Old Gymnasium'. Many a pound weight was shed in there as were gallons of sweat produced over the years. However, the gym also had it's good times. Many top bands from all over the country have played in there at the very popular and famed 'Beachley Dances' of the 1950's. Sadly the demolition of the old gym has added yet another redundant factor to our lives.
Nonetheless, today the entire camp is now a credit to the MOD, and can be seen quite clearly as you drive over the old Severn Bridge (M48).

The old Headquarters block that early Apprentices built is still used today as the Regimental HQ. Some, but sadly not many, of the workshops and educational buildings remain in existence.

BOBA are fortunate to have been granted permission by the Commanding Officer of the occupying Regiment to use the parade ground and St Georges Church for our annual Reunion Parade and Church Service.

Please take note: BOBA members are NOT ALLOWED into the camp as private individuals. There is a strict security policy for entry into the camp, so please DO NOT try to enter alone, or as a group, without first having sought permission from the CO/RSM.

For further information, contact the BOBA Chairman using the e-mail link on this page.

This page was last updated on: October 19, 2013
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