Trained Soldiers Cadre - March 1983
Capt S.J. Pyatt RE gloating at the E Coy clean sweep in the notorious 'Log Race' in 1983, and subsequently becoming the Champion Company in the Inter-Coy Competition, and winning the BOBA Banner
E Company Log Run Winners in 1983
2 Plt, A Coy Lograce team 1983
Rear Row L to R: Sgt McLellan, Bedell, Suddes, Taggart, Manlove, A/Cpl Hannah, Jones, Linton (behind), Fletcher, Hembley, Searle, Alderley (behind), Hardy, Fitzsimmons, Jenkins, King, Keane (behind), John, Kelly, Williams
Front Row L to R: A/CSM Morgan, A/Sgt Jenkins, A/RSM Ticehurst, Capt Roberts, Fallon, Fettis, Suddes Coby
83B Survey Engineer Class
LtoR: Bernie Grace, Steve Brown, Dave Ailano, Dave Dundas, Colin Palmer, 'Mac' McNulty
Outside Block 50 (A Coy) L to R: Taff Richards, ?????(a brummy lad), Woody ???, Eddie Walsh, Bernie Grace, Ben Wheeler (the ace pianist).  They are all 4 platoon apart from Eddie Walsh. 
Shooting Team from 83C and 84C
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