We asked for someone to identfiy the people in the photo above.  Dave Pardy has done most of this (many thanks Dave), so here is his reply:
Back L to R: Geordie Gargett, Tim Storer, Dave Pardy ( Col and Dir C Div JSC&SC), SSgt Terry Smalley, Dave Hutson, Mick Brown, Graham Milner.
Front L to R: Dave Masterson ( now Clk Wks E), Peter 'Paddy' Duncan (Svy), Willie Hicks (the man who could down a pint in 1.5 seconds and used to race the then commandant, Col W.M. Addison RE, and win hands down!), Shaun Collins, ????? Turner, Brad Brader (he was the hot shot with the Light Machine Gun!).
D company on Isle of Man - taken Aug/Sept 1981
D Coy.  Nick Butt & Andrew (Taff) Summers.  The dog in the background belonged to the OC D Coy.  Can anyone remember the dog's name?  Fremington Ranges May 1981
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81C A Coy 2 Platoon Design Draughtsmen 1983
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