Ok, it's time to put on your thinking caps again, who can remember the names of the people in the 68a photo above?
Photo taken outside J Company offices - B Wing in 1968
Back Row LtoR: Ray Surgeon, Francis Burnett, Anthony Zendra, Dave Page, then ??????
Front Row, 5th from left Paul Marchant
Photo taken in 1969 outside B Company living block
Back Row, LtoR Eddie Tall, Pat Lawlee, Dave Smith, Derek Staiaton, Jock Murphy, Dave Cowey, Rick Walker
Front Row, LtoR Dave Bonsall, Billy Evans, Steve Hoy, Mally Adams, Mally Talbot, George Malinozki.
68C A Wing J Coy taken outside the church in Autumn 1968
Soome names:
Back Row LtoR: Dave Smith, Dave Bonsall, Dave Chapman, ?????, ?????, Rick Walker, Pat Lawlee, Alistar Baily
Front Row LtoR: ?????, Mally Adams, Billy Evans, ?????, Eddie Tall, Mally Talbot.
Now, let's see who can remember the rest of the names!!!

68C A Coy taken in December 1970 at  Passing Out Parade
68A C Coy Passing out photo taken April 1970
Rear Row Lto R: LCpl BJ Miller, Sgt R Bennett, Cpl DF Drewy, Cpl PW Slater, Lcpl Feeney, GP Marchant
Front Row LtoR: VIP Chappell, CA Ludlow, Sgt B Watts RE, CSM G White CG, Maj NJF Neve RE,
Capt MG Thompson 17/21st Lancers, LCpl DA Page, AJ Zendra
68A C Coy
Rear Row LtoR: ChrisLudlow, Ray Surgeon, Anthony Zendra, Mike Brunton, Andy Gray, Vince Vic
Front Row, LtoR: Dave Page, Brian Miller, Paul Feeney, Roy Bennett, Garry Paul "Fats" Marchant, Jeff Williams, John Pearce
68A at Cove
68A  J Coy - 1968.
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