63A B Company
Rear Row LtoR: Terry Cook, Bill Morrow, Mick Bryant, Keith Etell, Adam Coyle, Dick Whittington, Rodney ?, ?????, Keith Reed.
Middle Row LtoR: Trevor Maroney, Dave Johnson, Barry Buttenshaw, Kevin Grice, John Russell, ? Mills?, Mick Christian, Dick Nightingale, ?????, Rab Hamilton.
Front Row LtoR: Ivor Johnstone, Chris Barrett, Colin Dobson, Rich Baker, Instructor Sgt Fred Still, Vic Stables, Dennis Johnson,                          Mick Freeman, Nic Weal.
Some of the young lads from 63A in 2000 at a reunion at the Ferry Hotel, pictured here outside the old gate. 
63B B Company
Rear L to R: Hunter, Eckersall, Stringer, Andow, Hyde, Hart, Butcher, Lewis, Winspear, Gaynor, Money
Middle L to R: McKie, Oates, Almond, Hanna, Dolman, Raynor, Bowes, Price, Rees, McLean
Front L to R: Lea, Gordon, Young,  Wood, Gyte, Sgt Lowe, Wise, Harvey, Dew, Nixon, Newsham
63C C Coy
63B  J Coy ( C Coy ) Outside J Coy Block
Rear Row LtoR: Rocky, Palmer, Powell, Cooper, Jones, Rogers, Boyd, ?????, Harper, Timms.
Middle Row LtoR: Farley, Henderson, ?????, MacDonald, Cleary, Nixon, Foster, Merrill, Hutty, Morley, Adams, Smoothy, Adair.
Front Row LtoR: Lawrence, Spafford, Clegg, Kelly, Charnock, Bright, Capt Patterson, Sgt Salsibury, Jones, Wild, Kirk, Brooks.

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