Top L to R: Brian Page, Jock Watson, Phil Zygmant, Jim Moffatt, Mac ?, Mur Steadman, Frank Howells, Willy Peters, Jim Wilson, John Cooper, Vic Bellinger
Middle L to R: Pasti Pascoe, Clive Carter, Sam Fisher, Dusty Millar, Clarence Clough, Ian Strobach, D Stratton, Taff Bellamy, Brian Heath, Dinger Bell, M Coulthardt
Bottom L to R: Brian Morl, Cliff Copsey, Mick Grayson, Rowdy Yates, Sgt Soulby, Tony Parnell, Steve Kattner, R Climpson-Peters, Mick Newell
Grass: Sid Connelly, Brian Lloyd, Ian Tuddenham, ?????
62B C Coy
Rear Row L to R:  Baz Bailey, Steve Simpson, Andy Sloss, Bill Bellamy, Brian Monks, Dave Heath, Stuart Slade, Bernie Wood
Second from Rear L to R:  Mick Charlesworth, Pete Steadman, Clive Shakleton, Tommy Gardiner, Dave Timperley, Ray Lewis, John Gale, ????? Jones, Bob Lockwood,
Second from Front L to R:  Jim McMeekin, Bob Atherton, John Platt, Jim Baxendale, Ssgt Tunkin RE, Keith Jeffrey, Keith Walsh, Jim Ross, Iain Harper.
Front Row L to R: Derry Ashley, Dave Hamilton, John Faulkner, Keith Sharp, Terry Hewett, Doug Ashley
Back Row L to R:  Pete Steadman, Terry Horton, Graham Lloyd, Baz Bailey, Mick Charlesworth, Tommy Gardiner, Dave Timperley, Stuart Slade, Bob Lockwood, Keith Jeffrey,
Second from Rear L to R: Keith Walsh, Doug Ashley, Derry Ashley, Brian Monks, Clive Shackleton, John Platt, Steve Simpson, Keith Sharp, Bill Bellamy.
Second from Front L to R: Jim Baxendale, Iain Harper, Jim Ross, John Gale, Terry Hewett,  Sgt Stanley RA, Dave Hamilton, Vince Evans, Dave, Heath, John Faulkner, Bernie Wood.
Front Row L to R:  Andy Sloss, ????????, Lester Avery, Ray Lewis, ?????????
62B J Coy
62B B Coy
A Group photo when we were still in the 'H' block spiders before 'J' coy block was built.
A few face changes here from the last photo, some relegated/discharged/transferred, when we were promoted to the echelons of the mens company, moved up the pecking order.
A group photo of 62/A/B/C during our combat engineering training at Cove, plus a few junior leaders, minus the Ammo techs and others who went onto other units, but included the marine engineers as this was just before the RCT was formed.

Back Row: L to R:  Pete Steadman? (But which one?)
Middle Row  L to R Dave Timperley, ???, Teddy Williams, Baz Bailey,Jock Watson, Ian Tuddenham, ???
Front Row L to R Pete Stedman, ???, John Thacker?, ???, ???, Bernie Woods, Keith Walsh, ???
Not many names,  can anyone help?
B Company Soccer Team 1962 - 1963 (approx)
Rear Row LtoR: Dave Johns, ?????, Pete Saunders, Jeff Badham, Pete Turner, ?????
Middle Row LtoR: ?????, ? Jones, Sgt Nobels, Mike Shields, ?????
Front Row LtoR: Pete Ashurst, Alan Carter, ? Boyle.
Judo Club Chepstow 1962
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