7 Platoon A.A.S. Beachley, Chepstow - December 1961
A/T Pooley, A/T Hodgson, A/T Stacey, A/T Bartlett
A/T Steele, A/T Hemming, A/T Bush, A/T Williams, A/T Tipper A/T Cooper
A/T Valentine, A/T Yeo, A/T Eades, Sgt E. Cosgrove, A/T Smith A/T Johnson, A/T Burston
A/T Baker, A/T Richomme, A/T MacPherson, A/T Clough
A/T Stamp, A/T Cameron, A/T Field, A/T Harrison, A/T Birch, A/T Jervis
A/T Gooding, A/T Walton Capt W.E. Stark, Sgt E. Cosgrove, A/T Laurie, A/T Simpson
61A J Coy taken in December 1961
Back Row LtoR: Doug Gillie, Pete Turner, John Lawrence, 'Jock' Birse, Pete Gill.
Middle Row LtoR: John? Elsie, 'Inky' Ingram, Pat Boyle, Derek? Pickford, 'Nobby Hannah, Graham Kidner.
Front Row LtoR: Mick Morrison, John McKeen, Brian White, Sgt Marshall, Capt Stark, Dave Owens, John Bailie, 'Taff' Picton.
61A taken outside B Coy accommodation in late 1962.
Back Row LtoR: Dave Colvan, Pete Turner, Dave Stenhouse, John Lawrence, Derek? Pickford, Alan Beanie, Ron Barnes,              'Jock' Harland
Middle Row LtoR: Chris Smith?' Dick Smith, Pete Gill, John Elsie, Colin Stenning, John Bennett, 'Judge' Drury (or Jury), Brian White, 'Nobby' Hannah, Dave Owens.
Front Row LtoR: Doug Gillie, Gavin Scott, Mick Morrison, John McKeen, Capt Petherick R (2IC B Coy) Pat Boyle, Graham Kidner, 'Taff' Picton, John Bailie
61C 2Plt J Company  April 1962
Rear LtoR:  ?????, ? Phillips, ? McIntyre, ?????, ? Hutchins, Alan Bristow, ? Foulks.
Middle Row LtoR: ?????, ?????, Dave Ellwood, Peter Cooper, Colin Huckle, ?????.
Front Row LtoR: ? McGregor, Paul Gibson, A/T Sgt John Wright***, Capt Petherick?, ?????, Paddy Gleeson, ? Dixon.

*** Later A/T RSM
61A B Coy Ammunition Technicians
Back Row LtoR: Ronald Barnes, ?????, Sgt Goldring, ?????, ?????, ?????, Derek Pickford
Front Row LtoR: Dave Johns, ?????, Pete Turner, ?????, John Lawrence, Les Gunningham, Mick Morrison.
61C J Coy from October/November 1961, all A/T's in this group went on to building trades in A Coy.
Back Row: Al Stenner, Mick Swain, Steve Doe, Dave Doran, Len Oakley, "Flossie" Garrett, Kiwi Baines.
Middle Row:  "Bomber" Lancaster, Peter Holden, Bunny Austin, Len Netcock, "Jock" Greig, "Taffy" Head.
Front Row: "Boggy" Moore, Paul Trotman, Dave (Oats) Denny, Capt ?? Petherick?, ?? ?, Chakey White, Mick Gould.
Can anyone  identify any of the people here from 61B Group C Company?
B Coy Rugby Team - 1961/2
61B Group  C Coy
More of 61B Group.
Rocky Evershed 61B C Coy.
(In days long gone!)
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