Apprentice Sgts Mess 1960......1957-1958 Intake
Rear Row LtoR: Constable, Herb Elliot, Mac McLean, Maty Grove, Curly Ridd, Morrison?, Ben Mackenzie
Middle Row LtoR: ?????, Jerry Stone, ?????, ?????, ?????, Jim? Lumley.
Front Row LtoR: Ted Willis, ?????, Dave Rawlings, The Sarge, Stan Drozda, Damien Andrews, ????? 
One half of billet of 60B J Coy (heading to B Coy) - April 1960
Rear Row LtoR: ?????, ?????, ?????, Ginger Carr, ?????
Middle Row LtoR: Jeffrey Llewellyn, Maximillium Willis, Paddy Armstrong, Jim? Lumley, Marty Grove, Jerry Stone, Herbie Elliot, Mac McLean, Paddy Rourk.
Front Row LtoR: ?????, Curly Ridd, Dave Rawlings, ?????, ?????, Stan Drozda, ?????, ?????
60C at 1TRRE Cove Sept/Oct 1963
60C J Coy going into B Coy (1)
60C J Coy going into B Coy (2)
60C ?????
Arthur Ward has sent this picture and this write up:  I have sent you this photo of the W.O.'s & Sgt's Mess members at A.A.S. Beachley Camp taken 1959 or 60.  All were paraded at an area , half way of a straight line between[facing] the old Sgt's Mess to the Gymn,  Main Gate.   Col. Cordey-Simpson and R.S.M. Kirkham [Gren.Grds.]  Most  of the Regulars are in blues and most of the Schoolies in B.D. at the rear are National Service,  [2 year ] calender watchers.  Having just arrived from Aden ,I am rear row ,top centre B.D ,highest beret REME Armourer.  I arrived on the same day that most of the REME Instructors left for Carlisle,   so that when I reported to the R.S.M  he assured me that I was not the cause of it all.  My Coy. was H.Q. -C.S.M. Lilley  [Colstr.Grds]front row 5  from the right.  Sadly, too few of the names I remember.  They were good times.  Well permanent staff would say that !
Later, the Rugby pitch would be lost to the bridge, the Sgt's Mess, Q.M'S, Armoury, Church, and some  billets would all be moved and renewed and the Ferry boat would fade away .  For a time, across the road from the new Sgt's mess,was built a water tank at ground level, officially used as the out door swimming pool for A/T's.  I hope that this is of some interest.   Good Luck and good times at your Reunions .  Arthur Ward

60C  A Coy in the Black Mountains
60C  A Coy
Spring 1961
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