59C Group B Company (First Term)

As with mine, Dave's memory is not what it used to be.  Can any of you help him out with the names that are missing below?
Back Row L to R:  'Butch' Beard, Ginge Scothern?, ?????, Nobby Clarke, ?????, Dave Cumming, Terry 'Ossie' Osborn, ??? Strachan
Middle Row L to R:  Pete Grice, 'Chunky' Lawrence, Pete Crockford, Pete? Mitcham, Butch Reynolds, ??? Esmond, Bob Gray, Hector Higgs, Dave Higgins, Seth Adams
Front Row L to R:  Bob 'Atlas' Maddison, ?????, ?????, 'Paddy Kane', CSM B Company, Alf Gore, 'Cockney' Barbour', ? McCann
59C Group J Company (Future A Coy)
Back Row L to R: ? Busby, ? Griffin, ?????, Ken Arm, ?????, Scouse Williams
3rd Row L to R: Titch Allen, ?????, ?????, ?????, Dave Bodenham, ??? Hamm?, ?????, Terry Smart
2nd Row L to R: ??? Daly, Vernon Rose, Sandy Allen, Vince Canham, ??? Edwards, ?????
Front Row L to R: Doc Holiday, Brian Batchelor, Peter Norman, Colin Rose, Bill Bartlett, ?????

Now, can anyone help us fill in the blanks?  Please email the names to the address below.  Thank you
59B Group J Company
Elvin & Boulton
Davidson & Elvin
What was it we used to call  these buildings?
Del Wright - 59C
L - R   Bingham - ??? - Allen - Elvin - Byram
59C lads
59C B Coy - (Alan Barbour Frt Row , 2nd from Right.
59 C B Coy - Peter Crockford Mid Row, 3rd from Right.
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