55A D Coy taken in 1957.
Back Row LtoR: A Robins, J Smith, P Rees
2nd Row LtoR: B Welch, T Sidney, T Shingles, K Land, M Ploughman, D Scott, C Parry, B Gallagher, R Thompson.
3rd Row LtoR: M Waitt, N Warmington, M Roberts, B Williams, B Waller, G Warner, G Smith.
Front Row LtoR: C Spinks, I Taylor, La Win (from Nepal), R Roughton, I Smith, S Walker, D Walker, R Whibley
55A Group Photograph
Terry Sidney (top) and Ian Taylor
55A  D Coy (without the hats)
Ian Taylor 55A (right), and Alan Scaife 63C at a meeting in Melbourne, Australia recently (2004/05)
Peter Rees 55A
Colin Weir 55A on the right
Meeting in Warwick September 2004 L to R Cyril Morris, Ian Taylor, Alf Robbins, Chas Spinks, Ray Armstrong, Stuart Walker, Derek Walker.
Geoff Coyne & Moggsie Morris
(Was Moggsie EVER  really this good looking,
or does the camera tell porkies?) - webmaster!

55A 'Oz' Contingent
(Standing);  L: Bill Welch    R:  Peter Parman
(Seated): Ian 'Ginge' Taylor
(At a very recent 'Mini Runion' in Oz)
Again, The three 'Wise' men of Oz
L - R: Bill Welch, Peter Parman & Ian 'Ginge' Taylor
L - R  ????,  ????,   "Crash" Crawshaw,  Wack Butters,  ????
Can anyone put names to the rest of this motley crew?
Life after Beachley.
55A ? Platoon at Cove

Alan 'Crash' Crawshaw
and Grandson
Dieter Brown
55A Group
55A C Coy
55B B Coy
(Nick Raggett front row left, seated)
55A Group
(Taken after dinner at the 2008 Reunion)
Chepstow Cricket Team - 1955
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